From Ica to Cusco, Birding Experiences Big Year continues

I was told that driving in Peru was madness, after driving about 1000 km, I can say that it is challenging indeed. 

We did a straight drive from Ica towards Lima. Our only stop on the way was probably 1 hour long, but it was for sure a very productive one in terms of Birding. 

Los Pantanos de Villa are well known as a must destination when it comes to Birding in Lima. 

Though a little rush since we were supposed to get to the airport, one hour proved to be enough to get 50+ species, a few of them Lifers. 

I first walked along Laguna Genesis where a nice number of wetland birds including Neotropical Cormorant, Common Gallinule, Pied-billed Grebe and Striated Herons we’re easily spotted, overhead hundreds of Franklin’s Gulls, several Black Vultures and a pair of Harri’s Hawks flying by. 

That is when my most wanted bird for the day, the Many-colored Rush Tyrant started to call from the reeds. I tried to spotted it for several minutes with no luck. Just as I was getting back to the admission building there it was a juvenile of which I got a few snapshots. I was happy that at least saw that one. 

A guide was supposed to join me and take me to the sand dunes by the beach where the Borrowing Owls hang out. They asked for five more minutes for the guide to get ready. 

While waiting I went back to the first little pond and for my surprise there it was a male MCRT, foraging in plain view.  I immediately started to shot and he continued minding his own business, YES!!!!!

Many-colored Rush Tyrant

Off to the owls, Nick my guide took me to the spot. When we first parked I was so impressed by the amount of shore birds, specially Franklin’s Gulls, 30 or maybe 40 thousand in front of my eyes. 

The Lifers kept pouring as we rushed to the owls 🦉 spot. Maybe my favorite one was the White-cheeked Pintail. 

White-cheeked Pintail

All in all a well spend hour of rushed Birding, but I can’t complain, will share the eBird in another post. 

We made it through the nightmare that is driving across Lima, but forgot gas up the car. Well you can’t get them all! 

Montaña de Colores

We are now in Cusco and it has been two very intense days of hiking to Laguna de Humantay (4200 meters above sea level) and Montaña de Colores (5000 mts). 

Laguna Humantay

I’ve have managed to see and even photographed some Lifers and also old known birds from Colombia and Ecuador. 

More of our Birding Experiences Big Year in our next post. 


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