Birding Day Tours Arenal

$ 210.00.00

Arenal Observatory Lodge

Crested Guans in the garden and mixed flocks of glittering tanagers hurrying through the trees! ... See details
$ 249.00.00

Caño Negro

The chip notes of several small birds from dense roadside vegetation reveal the presence of a ... See details
$ 229.00

Sky Walk Arenal

A Great Black-Hawk flies through the field of view! We keep scanning the canopy and notice a ... See details
$ 231.00

Children’s Eternal Rainforest

The musical, curious notes of a Song Wren are heard in the undergrowth. Peering in, we see ... See details
bijagua birding costa rica
$ 227.00

Bijagua Birding

A large group of noisy Carmiol’s Tanagers quickens their way through the mature rainforest. ... See details